Why do People Produce Browser Extensions?

Every day browser extension and websites are created by the webmaster and even developer teams. Why they spend their time doing that? Owing to really attract.
Creating of the own product is the opportunity fully realize potential. It gives you opportunity create any crazy idea you want to, and nobody reduces your actions.

You are able to work from home, thereby, you are able to give more attention to your family and your friends and your pets.
You could put a team together, from like-minded persons , and do your favorite work with double force.
You could do what you like at any part of the world, cause you will need the only laptop in a bag, and abilities to work whenever you wish.
Earnings will fully depend on the amount of time to spend. Plan yourself holidays and working schedule, be a boss to yourself. No restriction.
A lot of developers find the developing their browser extensions as a good revenue channel and find out that they are great to make for living, with not a huge efforts.

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