What else you have to know about extension monetization.

Did you ever interested how many extensions upload every day to the Google Chrome Web Store? How many extension for now already uploaded? There are thousands of it. Tendention today is more and more extension emerges with a paid-subscription service, no fewer companies experimenting with different ways turned their product into an additional revenue channel.
It is all a result caused by Web Store was updated to support paid themes and extensions in ввестивнеthe store.

Such actions provide an interesting opportunity to the developers, who until now did not actually have a lot of options in this regards. If we look around the Store, on the front burner you’ll see donations as a prime source of revenue for the developers and owners of a browser extension.
Decidedly nothing wrong with wanting to start to monetize browser extension, but you should definitely know what to do and not to do.

What you should avoid:

– Implement it without public notice
– Set the unrealistic prices
– Make is subscription basis

What you should do:

– Do not trick with users, if you are going to monetize browser extension. Try always inform audience using your website or social accounts before an update. Extensively describe why it is necessary and why you make such steps.
– Abandon the free version. Keep supporting free version will avoid you from tons of negative feedbacks and low ranking at the Web Store
– Add a premium features or services for the paid version. A good solution would be introduced premium support or features that would be able only for paid users, you’ll better know a product, decide yourself for you going to take money. If you made VPN service, reasonably make a pack of free countries and uncover access to all after purchasing.
– Experience has shown users prefer one-time payments instead of subscriptions.

It is an absolutely new area for extension developers/owners and companies. In a long run it would be turn out to be just fine, what could be compared to how free and paid apps are treated on Google Play.

Common problem developers who going to monetize extension face with is a lake of time to figure out with all the nuances of the monetization by a reason they have to pay much attention to supporting and improving a product.
An easier way out – find a company, professional in this area with a great reputation on the market. I’m highlighting Monetizus, among others, who really know what and how to do, helping you to start monetization and share the win-win result.

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