Ways to Monetize Browser Extension

In common, when there become to talk about browser extension, discussed 4 main ways to monetize browser extension, other is the subsequent are their details. Let’s consider each pros and cons.



The first method from our list shopping category. When the user browsing through the internet, he or she received a product, coupon or price comparison offers showed. The vary of the shopping offers could depend on the cooperation partner you choose. Exist offers that simply provides popups similar products, also offers can bring real help to users with greatly working price comparison and coupon features.


This method related to the white label – customize the design of the monetization offer to suit the look of a product. Users get a kindly tool to save money. Comparing with others offers revenue per user is quite high and the monetization offer can be strongly advertised.

Offers have to communicate actively.



Another method to monetize chrome extension in collecting data as a monetization offer. The monetization collects anonymous data of browsing behavior user utilize extension for further use or sell it. From aims are pursued by cooperation partner will depend on what data being collected.


Such method does not harm user at all, it is easy to integrate. The product does not affect by the monetization solution.No understanding what data collected by a partner. Extended permission and changes in the privacy policy proper to monetization integration can lead to the negative feedbacks.

Comparing with other monetization solution provided on the market, revenue per user quite lower.



Searching monetization adds an auto-suggestion into an address field, on new tab or changes start page to alternative with a monetized search feed. Affiliate links could be added to that new tabes by some other offers. A lot of users are using search engines anyhow. So you could expect to a good volume of users.


Search monetization related to the with method solution, and feel and look the search feed to your needs.

User experience may negatively impact, the reason search results in some cases could different in comparison with original one. It could be said about new star pages and new tabs. A lot of monetized offers will break UX. In search, monetization offers often proposed without pre-notification.



The last one method we will talk today, but not the last in popularity. Now talk will go about selling the space with help of the browser extension.  Google guidelines are the only limits for you regarding the setup of the ad spaces. In the end of 2015 unfortunately too many companies the era of the adding ads on the website was finished. On the marketing industry, such type of the implement called ad- injection. For date is strictly prohibited. The interface of the extension is the last chance to put in ads. This is the common opinion and mates from Monetizus not agree with it. We propose to join them and find out what abilities they propose.


High revenues.

The injection of the display advertisement the one of the most harming solution, it obtrusive, could trigger negative reaction and feedbacks.


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