Should I Monetize my Extension with Advertisement?

Should I monetize my extension with advertising? If you are tired to find an answer for this question, this article comes to help you.

Advertising – that is what are in our minds appear, with thoughts about one of the easiest monetization strategies, but it is not the only one. Reading this article to learn pros and cons of monetization with ads, how to choose right advertising strategy for your extension, and practices for your best to earn more.


Ad- Based Extension Income: Pros and Cons

+  Ease to use. Generally advertising only involves injecting code into extension. When you use a popular network, like Monetizus, those companies automates ad’s contents according to extension audience. It really is “set and go”

–  The easier, not mean simple control of the content. On the opposite position these model of ads, don’t keep in check what appears. It could be a dubious, in case you provide traditional extension content. It truly ”set and blow it out your mind”

+  Urgent revenue. The money will flow and sum just as people begin to click on ads. Potential of your traffic sources will be shown on the same day or even hour, in case it exists.

–  The volume of traffic matters. If you want to earn with this model of monetization. traffic should be, and profit directly depends on answer: “How many you have?” More ambitious ad networks can rise up income and prices, but to achieve that ahead, you need to take a challenge with common bloggers and affiliate marketers.

+  Activity= results. It rather hard to find to find ad network that not takes all control from you, but possible. The proper to choose what you display and in how you do this, leaves on your own. It is your extension, your creature, no one could set place of ads, barring you. Set ads where feel it necessary to.

–  Time to learn the curve proportional to the deeper you get. Not all analytic have a user-friendly interface. You’ll be forced to spend a certain amount of time in learning some metrics to improve them.


Pick the Right Ads

Start from picking a niche. Networks a separated into the huge count of niches – in a case with browser extensionsoftware advertisers. If you create music portal, for example, it would be better to sing up with one of the many various advertising networks that specialize on download traffic.

Set the relevant ad format. The ad should suit the right format. Most peoples used ads-block if the find the display offer or banner ads are poor quality or not relevant. Highly probably user will turn it out or leave your extension if you mostly will use nose ad – like auto-play video and audio ads.

Send the appropriate ads will claim to visitors. Web users geared to achieve answers on their request as quickly as possible. The main thing to find ad providers that give importance to the users and reply user question. All that wouldn’t be avoid and aggravate users outflow.


From Best to Perfect Practices

Choose the right place. Scientist found that people, while search important information, firstly scans the first lines completely, then less and less, this behavior can be described as the letter F-look pattern. The right side of a page in this performance receive less attention. Not logical to place here images if they don’t suit user’s goal or content they are reading. Choose the correct place where the user will see ads.

Think synergy. To extend this train of thoughts, think about synergy audience as much as possible. Provide ads that affected article theme.

Provide ads, not garbage. Earlier we were talking about that all looks and sounds like ads, will leave unseen or will have an adverse impact. To make your extension monetization bring the highest rates, you may use benefits by providing ads and it should suit user’s goal fulfill. To do this ads solution should be smooth as possible.

Transparent, not on 100%. Did you read the article where in bright colors described any product or service and at the end of it provide the link to similar service or product where to get/buy? It one more variety of native ads. From time to time specific articles appear in news blogs, advertisers afford to place this article on the space of the site.

Find the golden mean between advertisement and content, to increase a lot from ads. Don’t tread with users, don’t annoy them. Be honest with them, and money will flow like a river.

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