Quickly Monetize Browser Extension

The time final are came. Application or browser extension is ready and waiting for the establishment a payment system inside. At this step always confusing when you going to sell extra features or virtual items. Where to start? So many choices to choose and most of them seem significant to establish.

Forget it. Google Payments are come to rescue. Moreover, Google Payments and the Chrome Web Store are tracking the user for you. Your extension always available to observe what users already purchased, and there is no matter which PC was used by him/her.


Extension uploaded to the Chrome Web Store
Google Wallet Merchant


Go to “Edit” page of the app/extension in the dashboard, add the items into the “in-app products” tab. Make sure it is activated) Available subscription and one-time purchase as options.

Now vital the buy.js been add to the source of the extension or application, and not forget to include it in the manifest. A full list of the items within your app/extension, call the “getSkuDetails” method and to initiate a buy, call the “buy” method.

Call the getPurchases, to know if a user has already bought the item, it also allows see a status of item “ACTIVE” and it still listed. Virtual good, that offers often in the games, and users use purchased, run “consumerPurchases” method to remove good for the user.

The full information, with descriptions and detailed information. Steps and values check this page: https://developer.chrome.com/webstore/payments-iap

Google Chrome already prepared working sample code:


In-app payments in action

If you will explore a Google Chrome Web Store, you’ll see how many extensions by now use this payment method. Customers with no problems could pay to upgrade extension/app to a Pro paid version. Therefore Developer not involved in the payment process, Google does all itself.

The way to monetize chrome extension is thorny. But when the right partner was chosen, when all options are settled, when the first income on your balance. Gradually being realized that all was worst it. Good friends of us Monetizus will help with that. Then catch a breath and start making a new product.

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