Monetizing Browser Extension Traffic

Content make sense.

As a lot of people in real world try to avoid things that could annoy them, same situation in the browser extension monetization area, try to avoid points that harm audience, and you will reach maximally profitable. Starting from bugs, ending display advertising.

Lake could kill any good or genius idea of creating application, If you wouldn’t pay enough attention to it’s quality. Users, after being acquainted with such product, at best leave recommendation to fix all bugs in reviews, at poorest leave negative reviews that definitely influence to the reputation of the product.
Let’s consider this game design example. You wouldn’t involve all at once and create out of them targeted audience. It is hard to handle with this if combined at once in the design, parts from Hobbit, Harry Potter and IronMan.  Better to be focused on the things take kindly with your team. When works are making with inspiration and enthusiasm the result will be better.
Loading speed another important parameter you have to consider be at. Imagine some share link with you, clicked on it the speed is so slowly , and you will close the tab without waiting for it showed full. Same with browser extension, user won’t wail long , he better find analogue with higher speed of loading. Try to make the loading speed of browser extension as fast as possible.

Monetization solution

Today on the market presented a numerous ways to monetize browser extension:

  • CPC (selling clicks)
  • Adding advertisement
  • Apply in-app paid additional features and different advantages
  • Sell browser extension itself.

This is a list of the most efficient and conventional methods for browser extension monetization. Of course exist other, but they and not so effective and we won’t pay attention on them.


Browser extension allows to use varied advertising solution. You could provide link exchange with other web browser developers or with the webmasters /website owners . Here necessary that content of the other developer matched with theme of yours.


Micro-donations another quiet good method of earning income, which contains the procurement for those who actively use extension, for additional benefits and features to prevail other users. Statistics show only 10 percent of the audience are really but things. Withal in the first month new users pay only 1% , therefore you shouldn’t expect flash results at first from this method of monetization.

Selling the browser extension

We propose you to earn money, simply selling possibility utilize your extension to other users. It might be risky step, moreover users from CIS countries are choosing free alternative by virtue of their preferences. Nevertheless, selling your product are profitable, especially provide them not at at the start-up phase.

Later we will talk about promotion and selling clicks, themes are worthy to describe at individual articles.

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