Monetize Firefox Extension. Where to Start?

Nowadays hard to find pc users who don’t know what is browser extension (or add-on) or at least didn’t hear about it. Add-on provides an opportunity to customize your user experience for your especial needs. For example Easy Screenshot helps you make capture of browser window in a few clicks. It doesn’t mean you should forget about desktop application, but it helps to save time in a long period.

Such time-saving, useful, features is the matter why extension built. Developers create their products which afford benefits. For reason of feature -based items, not all add-on are support earn revenue initially.  With the growing popularity of developers product, needs in updates and maintenance grows accordingly. From this moment, add-ons developers face with the problem when all available time goes on support and improving the product. For the developers resolved to make money from own extension such monetization model should suit fully.


The Freemium Model

Fusion of words “Free” & ”Premium” established a new notion Freemium. Backing to the history, this method was firstly tested by AOL company. On the early days of the worldwide web, CD with tons of free hours of their services, was given for free, with view to pique interest to AOL company, after change monthly subscription- free to premium in future.

The freemium model not often used by browser extension developers, the logic of this, is just when paid extension represented it could be easily mortified by a free version of same product, made by someone else.

The freemium models consider request a much more efforts to implement among models here. Important to choose what features make free or paid. But when it done correctly, becomes worthwhile.


The Donation

Donate – is the way for those who prefer the user- friendly and innocent model of monetization. This model enforce no modification of the user experience rather, it only offer to “buy a coffee” to developer.

Though the Mozilla, this item create an opportunity to request an donation option for the efforts they put in their extension. Mozilla offering aspecting, a very simple implement of Donation model.


The Revenue Share Model

In a world of browser extension monetization appears a new monumental gathering it popularity way of monetization that basis on Revenue share model. This a new channel of revenue permissive to developer to monetize audience pass dynamically targeted advertisement. The minimal changes in UX of the add-on introduce this revenue streams as easiest of the bunch. Developers should surely

In spite of freemium model which demand development resources, extension guru inject a couple of Javascript code into application, and this all the way to start generate money. After injecting, JS monetizes users by showing targeted ads during them surfing the web. The methods of monetization is a quite different: display ads, in-text ads, banners etc. Our old friends Monetizus has a quick view of all popular ads solution on theirs website. Take a look.


Revenue Share in my opinion is the most profitable and well-balanced solution to choose. It request less time, less efforts for integration (even less than donation model)

As you mentioned there a lot of parameters should be kept in mind and interact with: user experience, revenue potential, stuff time for integration, etc. Developers should surely select what works best for them, add-on functionality and user base.

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