Monetize both Chrome and Firefox Extension

First of all, we would like to say “Thanks”to team, that we have such a great opportunities to tell who Monetizus are and share our experience with you.

Monetizus is a powerful, simple all in-house solution for those who looking for new ways to earn money with their browser extension, we call it browser extension monetization. For a date, a number of the installed extension from all browsers could reach dozens of millions. Most disappoint a fact the users daily actively uses product are generating zero cents for developers.

The main goal we pursued was to combine together the robust monetization platform figured on allow from newbies to the enlightened customer to monetize their extension.

To start making money with Monetizus same simple, as 1-2-3. Once register in our system and explore a user interface that will gladden you for a long time. We placed the most important information: Balance, DAU (daily active user), RPU (revenue per user) on the pride place, at the top of the dashboard.

How to evaluate the capacity of your extension?

Even the humble amount of the installs, able to make dozens, hundreds or thousands buck a month after registration in Monetizus.

When to start?

Now. Just go by link, create an account, make a short discussion with your account manager. By the way in our company each publisher work with the personal manager, who knows about specifics of your extension and make the monetization settings according to the aims you sounded in the beginning.

How do your solution of browser extension monetization impact on end users?

Monetizus guaranteed that the UX won’t be harmed. You as a browser extension owner could choose from couple prepared monetization plans (aggressive, neutral, conservative) We at Monetizus understand that different extension has its own unique audience, we take care of them and have an option to smooth out monetization settings to suit them and make maximum profit for you. In the end, all you action won’t harm users and the flow of them won’t stop, there more users will use extension there more you will earn.

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