Monetization Alphabet (L-Z) Part 2


Lifetime Value – (also known as Long-Term Value) – rising LTV of an audience is an aim of all monetization platforms. Involving customers with your product, you’ll fair increase your Lifetime Value, that is disposable income to keep contact with a user.

M – Mobile

It is no secret that share information on mobile devices is growing steadily, but unfortunately, the advertising industry can not keep up this trend. A lot of companies continue to spend huge budgets on the classic channels, but it is ineffective methods when in-app advertising beat other methods of advertising. Mobile monetization solution arsenal a quite diverse: in-app search feeds, freemium offers, sponsored ads on block-screens.

N – Nurturing

Nurturing is a fairly new term of present-day customer relation. It is very simple for understanding. When someone has demonstrated interest in your product or information, the right steps would be developed existing content that will one day “nurturing” user from a position leads to becoming a paid customer. You could name this clean marketing or clean monetization compatible with B2C and B2B.

O – Optimization

Optimization goes before monetization. They both goes side by side. If you work with not optimized website or software and download wizards, you won’t be able to fully take advantages of your product and convert installs into revenue. Fine tuning of details in the item you going to monetize, increase a chance to rise up conversion and income in times.

P – Pay Day

Profit. According to monetization terms, there are a couple ways to get paid. For software monetization always used Pay-Per-Install (PPI) or Pay-Per-Download (PPD). PPI means getting by a software developer a fixed price for one install in a specific country. Another method that brings good benefits is Rev Share when developers receive percent of whole

Q – QA

No matter how good developer you are, we are all peoples and don’t secure from making mistakes. Here to help comes QA (Quality Assurance). How else would you know is your product or website compatible with all existing browsers? Does them conformance today’s standards and specification. Carrying Quality Assurance could incredibly improve or it is website or software, guaranty that your code prepared for monetization and bug-free.

R – Recommendation Engines

Progress doesn’t stop, and to be on top of the industry necessary provide new methods of making money. This is time to talk about recommendation engines, it uses a number of an algorithm to inspect website content and browsing history to give relevant offers. Also, recommendation engines could be adopted for installers.

S – Search Engines

Basically, the fundament of internet is Search. The biggest player is Yandex (in Russia) Bing (in China) and definitely Google, Yahoo, Bing. The profitability of this industry billions of dollars a year. Search monetization method confirmed the way to make money for developers. Implementing search feed, you will be able to transform clicks in money.

T – The Traffic

In real world traffic often associated with negative, a long series of a traffic jam, and hours and hours to get home. Everything changes when goes about the internet, where traffic is a treasure.
The usual situation what publisher has tons of traffic (audience visited website) but didn’t know how to convert it to money, thus monetization methods comes to help.
For quality analyzing where your traffic comes from, better to use tracking tools like Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica

U – Users

If traffic is the whole term. User a certain people who use your software or visit your site. While the main aim is making money, to do it best developer should keep end-user in mind, and design and create product users will fall in love with. Your users will prompt how to do it, just stay in touch with them and listen to a recommendation.

V – Virtual

Well. we did not meet the imagination of our ancestors and in the 2000s, our world has not become fully virtual, Although without stopping new virtuality marketplace appeared. No doubt, that new monetization solution s will be created to embed in virtual space, progress couldn’t be stopped, better to go in step with it.

W – Wi-Fi

Over 75% of mobile traffic goes through WiFi routers. TO the end of 2018 assumed more than 57 million public hotspots, it forces to idea about huge potential monetizating WiFi networks.

X – UX

Important not only how to look and feel your product, but how your software function. There we came close to UX term. U – User, X – eXperience. UX was allocated in a separate profession. Elaborate Ux right and you will admit difference it makes in your profit.

Y – You

When the: data was analyzed, the solution was chosen, funnels were optimized, UX considered. – you could, No, you must to enjoy deserved rest time. Developers expect good benefits for the work they do, for creating perfect apps, efforts should be paid enough.

Z – Zebras

Do not forget your hat, you on the road of monetizing, it the same as going on safari. Come back with the loot.

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