Monetization Alphabet (A-K) Part 1

In a software world, you very often could hear the term Monetization, let’s clarify what does it actually mean? Pull back from earning money with software, today it is an extensive term which includes a layer called software business. Mates from Monetizus made research and go deep into the jungle of monetization process, and create this ABC of Monetization. Another time you will hear “How to choose good Source to increase my CTR?” you would know what it goes about.

A – Application

Here we talking not only about apps, but about app stores, application lifecycle, in-app ads, and application upgrades. Each day Google’s Play and Apple App Store offer millions of software to download. For developers it becomes harder to make money from the product, key reason is- Marketplace is overpacked.

B – Bundles

Bundles moving away from industry “sunset”. App Stores gives good benefits in a promotion of new product and keeping support old one. Products focused in one place with easy search by tags and functionality. Present days unnecessary to make a software bundle to distribute product

C – Cross-Platform

Simple customization process of software for different devices together with PC’s, smartphones and tablets is a large plus for the developer. Nowadays, to get the maximum from monetization, a developer should produce software that suitable for all popular web browsers, same as with mobile operating systems.

D – Data

You should be a “dataholic”. Absent any metrics or analytics, even a great product will go with a flow. A fundamental position like installs, monitor revenue, traffic is required to optimize campaigns and boost conversion. Data collection, not all should be done. To see which apps, Geos, solution working for their business and not, it will be reasonable to hire an expert analyst to deal with all this big data collected each day every day.

E – eCPM

eCPM – exemplify the Effective Cost Per Mille. In latin Milli means one thousand. In monetization world, eCPM defines income with thousands of impressions. It becomes a good a universal indicator of how good your app is monetizing.

F – Freemium

If you are a frequent guest, you probably already know what freemium model is. For those who just join us, I’ll explain. Developers are offering on the market a basic version of the application for free, but with a potential to provide features only for subscribers, prodding users to upgrade.

G – Geo

Audience’s location crucial for the software developer, publishers and of course advertisers. To promote and propose product in certain countries, developers should take into the account specific of the market where they going to distribute, its languages and other. Of course, G – Geeks. Why ? Cause them part of modern society.

H – Hosting

Generally hosting is important, but a neglected facet of monetization. Users available today download software that is installed, hosted and accessed completely from distant location or server. Frequently the hosting operated by the third-party companies, less often by a software manufacturer, a cloud service, avoiding receive updates concerning appearing online.

I – Installers

Download manager, smart installers, download wizards, installers are forceful monetization tool. Smart installers allow developers during the installation display to users additional offers or even at the end of the download. Best installers could rise up the speed of download time, so increase conversion and final rates.

J – JavaScript

JavaScript often abbreviated as JS, is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, object-based, multi-paradigm, and interpreted programming language. Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production.

K – Kit

SDK – Software Development Kits, developers are able to choose from a huge numbers of SDK. In a couple words SDK is a set of developers tools to produce applications for a definite software package, platform, framework, operating system or development platform. The most popular kits consist Android SDK, iOS SDK and Windows SDK. For monetization exist specific SDK, where could be picked any solution. In a word, SDK gives all cards to hand of developers.


Continuation- Monetization Alphabet. Part 2


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