How to Release Commercial Extension. Part 2

Here the steps to make process coming from free to commercial version flowing easily.
When you definitely decide to monetize your extension, you shouldn’t hide it. The way just adding paid options with the next update is to fail. Inform user in advance using your website or social accounts. Keep in mind and try to convey the message why you do so. Continue to offer free version. Free version support should be not on getting off, It same good product as early, do not annoy users and cause a negative wave of reviews and bad ratings in the Chrome Webstore.
Proposing the external features or services in a commercial version. You are able to offer specific support or unique features that available only for those who bought an extension or subscription-payment. Let’s consider the example with VPN extension, you could make limited numbers of countries to choose, else you could set lower speed of the VPN.
Analyze what will suit your users: subscription or one-time payment. Give an honest evaluation of extension, if you think it unique, successfully will be using of subscription-based model. The other good thing, clear to users, that services constantly has spendings and you need money to pay bills and support a product. Today tendency is showing not all of commercial extensions are unique and didn’t cost requested prices. And very soon they will meet competition with a lot of free extensions with same functionally and will be forced to make a switcher between paid and none paid versions.

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