How to Release Commercial Extension. Part 1

Today I would like to talk about things you should avoid when plan release a paid version of browser extension on a way to monetize browser extension.

First of all, users have to be informed in advance that extension became commercial and start monetization, better to notice this and add in functionality possibility to choose which one to install or use.
Both no to delay this moment, and not put audiences before the fact they were requested to pay money for further use of the chrome browser extension.

Setting inflated price. For example, Media Hint request is $3.99 per month for using their extension, on the other hand, YouTube options request only a $1.99 each month, half of the sum sent to a charity. Recently $1.99 to become the lowest tier of prices in the Chrome  Webstore, and this explains why a lot of developers set such prices, this is truly a high price for monthly payments. Better to go by subscription-based. It is puzzling many users the fact that developers ask of $1.99 each month instead of a one-time payment or paining sum for the year at once.

Terminate the free version. Our suggestion always leaves two version of the browser extension, one paid with full functionality and a free one with a limited set of functions. Otherwise, it will provoke a wave of negative reviews and it certainly will happen. Those who ready to buy the commercial version will pay up anyway.

Here is the Continue.

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