How to Post Chrome Extension.

Today we will talk with you about launching Chrome Extension into the Web Store. Technically this is uncomplicated.  I would like to share with some lessons that will help you to increase installs volume in short time.


Decorate Browser Extension

Visit Chrome Web Store and look how it all organized. A lot of attention was given to the design, this was made to make it browsable essentially. It looks good, try to keep this tradition and make Web Store look better.  Your extension will be presented among thousands of other. You should realize that if you slap a logo on a color or grayscale background it won’t work on your popularity and recognition.

Want to spin extension in features of Web Store? Make it beautiful and Google team will not be able to get past it.

Our recommendation is to hire a professional designer to make this pack of images. Make a fast look on the store again, you see those top-featured extensions and figure out they doing right.

Try make this step in parallel with others. It takes from few days to few weeks for the web store team to check manually and approve your images.


Pitch Your Extension in Few Seconds.

Ok, you did a gorgeous asset, going to show it to thousand eyes, and get thousands of clicks.

Now it comes time to clicks in installation. As Paul Graham say “Your biggest competitor is the back button”. It is not a time to relax yet. In other words, people need quickly understand the functionality of the extension. Or they will return to the colorful Candyland the came from.

Now become cleared up, what for a was spent time and effort to assets. Please answer what could keep users to stay more than 5 seconds? Of course visual slides and video.

Common developers shoot the screenshot and back to coding. I value this as contempt approach. It could push away the audience.

Create your screenshot like a want to tell a story. Pick few point you several categories going highlight and display them markedly. Include text to screenshot, be as much informative as you can.

Open Evernote page in WS, it is a graceful example of explaining, where thoughts boost by screenshot.


Make possibility to download Extension directly from the official webpage.

To increase downloads up, important to give possibilities for potential users make install from your own website, from official extension’s page. This solution makes possible to continue promotion one extension without actually divert them to the CWS.

Explore all benefits using Chrome Inline Installer. It a fantastic and must be utilized by everybody. User not only don’t leave your website, also users from web store could visit your page. Where you could add some CPM ads, and get additional money.


Choose the Correct Category for Chrome Extension

It could appear situation that apps you produce, falls in a  several categories in time. Which one to choose?

Remember that Chrome Web Store designed mainly for an audience who browse without definite intent.

My advice is – look into each category in a store you consider, and choose one not that suits you by category, but one where fewer competitors and high download volumes on each extension. Perhaps it sounded ridiculous, but believe it really works.


Enhance Reviews, Ratings, and g+1

When someone visits your extension page, the second thing they do, after a first look, they’ll check could they trust to your product and you at all.

In the Chrome Store for this responsible ratings, reviews

More downloads will come, if you will ensure your possible audience, they are not the first one who try your product, and there is lot more satisfied users already utilize your extension.

Ask as much customers as you can, to leave comment and rate extension if they elated using your product. It could be a hard way, you will have to do a lot of door-to -door manual work, but the first amount of users is always hardest to earn, and no matter what business we talk about.

Growing reviews and 5 stars on the extension becomes it more reliable. (and probably it will be highly promoted by GWS algorithm )

Please don’t think users are fools. There’s a thin line and uncareful action could break your prestige in a moment. Don’t trick with fake reviews and fraud installations.


Needed Scary Permissions? Give an Explanation.

Ok, someone got through all prepared before manipulation, to click him cherished “Add to Chrome” and see permissions that could hurt and steal personal information, perceived by customers.

Therefore explanation you provide through screenshot or video, try to advocating the importance of the permissions you requested, to calm down people.


Create Welcome Page of the Extension

Show the Welcome Page in a new tab, that will be opening after installation of the extension. Don’t leave users hanging. Popup notification window also good but not enough to, users hanging saying “So, what now?”


You’ve done a hard work to make the user do install. Not less efforts need to put to make them continue to use your perfect product.

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