How to Monetize Browser Product.

Monetization of a browser extension can be provided not only by advertisement. There exist another way, and today we would talk about it. It named search extension monetization. The question Why search, are reasonable. Let’s look deeper. Search is an essential part of the web browsing surfing, and users still trust to the search engine power to find a result.

People could be sure in a result, instead of the advertising. Thus. if your extension has search abilities, simply you could implement search monetization to start to earn money from your product.

Way it works

You should start from choosing the right partner. We recommend this platform. After register contact your account manager, to discuss necessary requirements. Usually such questions about search feature and the traffic sources and statistics.

When all discussed, an account manager will make necessary changes to the chrome extension. After this user will type search request and click enter he will be redirected to a paid Yahoo feed.

Yahoo feed will prompt users to click premium links that it proposed. Link clicked, search engine monetization will save it and record to the back-end panel. Each click will be paid.

Very easy to analyze statistic on your dashboard, make reports for certain period. Next time when user will open a browser, he will see customized home page. When searched keyword will be detected they will be redirected to the paid Yahoo search feed.

Therefore it will repeat every time user will make new searches and each time you will earn money.

That is all, Left only accumulate money on your balance and receive payments. Search monetization very simple and doubts free. Else is good this way of monetization light and could be optimized to handle with your needs and specifications.

Search monetization work not only with browser extensions but same with websites/ software/ product/ desktop application. Search feed could be implemented into the online product to bring additional money.

Account manager becomes your friend, contact him to start making money without delays using improved search settings. Customers won’t lose faith if you will monetize with search monetization. My opinion this is the win-win situation. Also, it won’t act as barrier increasing audience.

Deal only with trusted players on the market, that will involve in keeping your audience safety.

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