How to Monetize Toolbar Traffic?

The product is ready, and in front of developer appears the question: How to get revenue with extension and app? The answer is in selection in-app purchasing or in-app advertising. I invite you to figure out in benefits of each method, depending on nature of app some could be effective than others. Let’s make a short talk among methods.

how to monetize


Freemium VS Purchase

To be honest with you, I’ll admit that freemium model is bit popular than monetization methods based on the advertisement. Developers have spread the main product for free, and then sell features for faster game flowing, sell them for real money.

For distinct types of apps, it could be usefully and beneficially. Freemium model recommended implementing in complex apps or in games with a lot of tiers and services.

On another side great majority of apps using freemium doesn’t make a monetization, that is unless the model is integrated with ads.


In-line advertising on the employ of the Extension monetization

The next method we discover is popular, not less. It does well with almost all types of apps and good enough working in pair with a freemium model. By the way, it is a good solution for an extension that doesn’t have a functionality to request for paid upgrades.


Paid Apps

Third, the most popular model is paid apps. This the solution when developers and simply charge for this product. A usual practice is when this method combined with other. It can be a difficult business, however very profitable.


Affiliate Marketing Models

As time show, that most effective monetization is the most innovative. Some apps, like the extension that find deals and deliver coupons, do nothing except providing affiliate links. This method ordinary delivers high value to an audience, expanding the functionality of the app, don’t stand out.

In a recent year commission-based method – affiliate marketing exploited its popularity. The famous and successful way of extension monetization that includes useful data aggregation.


Data Sales, Code Sales, and Bundling

If you still don’t make a decision which type of monetization is will be the best fro you, there remain a couple alternative solution of monetization to figure out. The first method is selling users data or usage data to third part companies. And it doesn’t mean anything unsavory, it is anonymous user data, in-app user behavior, that can be helpful for a third part.

Second is sell your extension code to other developers on the B2B market. Thinking outside the box, could find more and more new method that we don’t mention in this article.


It just a few answers to a question how to monetize your extension or app, including sales and marketing tricks. Advertisement now is not just about strategy, it is should give the answer on what does your certain audience need and give to them. This will all makes happy and additionally you become richer.

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