How to Make Money with Chrome Extension

Every webmaster knows how is difficult to involve users to their websites and than monetize traffic with various ads. There are a lot of variables that webmasters should take in attention in case they want to monetize their traffic with best performance. Mostly it all depends on niches which is the website about. It could be about travel, shopping, business, news, fashion etc. To get money from your website you need to advertise only relevant offers. It’s obvious. But what if I told you that you may monetize your users outside the website? So you could show them e-commerce offers when they want to buy something, you may advertise cheap flight tickets when they’re going to have a trip, you may show them relevant ads within their web surfing and they will be thankful.

It’s all possible with browser extensions. So the only one offer at your website should be your browser extension. Involve users to install your extension to their browsers and than you’ll get an access to their surfing. You will have an ability to monetize their activity with the highest performance ever! There are a lot of affiliate networks that offer monetization solution for browser extensions and I would suggest you the best one, I will tell a bit more about this network in new posts, moreover I’ll write comparison between best networks. So let’s be in touch and good luck with monetization!

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