How to Increase Chrome Extension Installs

Not all of us an altruist, and oftentimes developers made their product with thought about significant revenue. The right product could make you damn hot, no less than Apple

Ok, perhaps Apple is quite high plane, but create a new, powerful direction in your business, a quality product will really help. How paradoxical and manipulative it wouldn’t sounded, but the right development and a clear marketing are fundamental. Therefore, We would like to share some tricks, that can increase the number of installs of your extension and allow the new business to success.


The Product

When you have created a quality product that is useful to users, it will actually sell itself. Only a great software package that will fully meet the requirements of your target audience, both in quality and stability, will help to attract tons of installs. Don’t think that one test, are more then enough, Make a couple tests to make sure all works smooth without glitches.



Targeted Marketing Conduct

In other words, increasing numbers of extension installs may be equated to selling any product. Of course, you can write an article or make advertise, where will be discussed about how great your product is, only it will not be much sense in this action, if not to take into account all the wishes of the audience. The better you know your audience, the more successful your marketing moves can be.

Consider this for example. You have identified your audience not only men entrepreneurs, but also managers and middle managers, based of such data, it is possible to set up an advertising company with the best result.


Run PPC Advertisment

PPC advertisement, or in full name Pay Per Click, can be effective in capacity of popularity, cause you pay only for users action, what a good opportunity to get conversion.

The second point might be highlighted is the fact that the budget for PPC advertising defined only by you , and only you decide how much would be spend on it. When we think seriously about the promotion through PPC advertising, the first on mind come giant like Google Adwords, it is definitely the biggest player in the market, but there are so many other sources, such as The Bing and specialized platforms. Using all opportunities, you will achieve recognition in a short time.


Smart Installer is a Solution

You probably wonder, but the download speed of the program greatly affects the rate of conversion. The answer lies in users impatient and them cancels the download before completion, and move on. Want multiple downloads – decrease the weight of the installation file.

The cure for this problem can be Smart Installer – a tool that helps guide the installation process faster and thanks to him you can monetize your software.

With this technology, it is possible to show special offers or related products to your users during download.Properly selected the smart installer, will help you not only to increase the number of downloads, but also become a good alternative source of income.


Bundle Install

What else can be undertaken to increase chrome extension installs? It’s creating partnerships with other businesses. The establishment of cooperation already established itself as a great advertising strategy, and this strategy is a sure way to expand the boundaries of awareness of your product.

Partners with whom you are going to cooperate, already achieved a great deal, they have tested many advertising strategies, know how to monetize their product, and the most important thing,- they already have an adherents that in future will learn about you. The reputation of the partner is always on hand to young and little-known companies and helps in reduced spread information about the product to increase the number of installations.

The best advice I could provide is: Find out more about a company you plan to go on shoulder to shoulder! The price you will pay for choosing “not that guy” for cooperation, could be your product. And then you have to start from scratch.


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