How to Increase Audience on Extension?

Product promotion

Such item as promotion could help you kill two birds with, firstly it will help to extend audience on the product up to thousands people per day, the second is make bring you revenue starting plugin monetization.  It is fundamental to make your extension popular, and make all necessary to make it as many people use it as possible. The promotion attained by various tools. Here the next that comply “price- quality” better.

Take specialized company services for promotion. Requesting to such organizations or webmasters who offer on the market services you need, would a good decision, you should be ready for the high price, but effectively is more than high. Our recommendation is requested specialized companies only when you certainly convinced in that your extension will become very famous and it possesses a great potential. As well this services quite expensive, taking preventive measures – plan your budget, and provide an attempted capital.

Use blogs and forum to link placement. Choose them by theme matched with yours. This helps save money and get more users. Social networks another way to promote a product.

As an idea you even could extension for the social buttons, it will seriously improve your performance. Almost all social networks propose to advertisement places on their resources. It is not free as well, but It gives you an opportunity to get targeted traffic on your product what will increase revenue in subsequent extension monetization. Crucial is to customize the advertisement.  Basic terms clarification from the monetization solution world you could read in our article Monetization Alphabet

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