Get Extra Revenue from Chrome Extension

Everyone who choose the way to monetize his website user early or later comes to question, how mimics real sell in something else. Annoying ads right in your face are not the cool thing. The right way is when the chrome extension monetized searches instead of your own. That is the point of soft monetization, to give to website users instrument to find our more about items they want and to purchase it.


Foundations of Extension Monetization

As W3Schools statistic show, more than 60% users of Chrome browser, also installing a different useful extension. This is especially decent of your attention, especially to clarify how to monetize Chrome users visits your website. Extension monetization doesn’t request any specific technical knowledge, and employ smooth selling technique, giving the opportunity to users from webpage they already aware, to find items they intended to obtain.


Benefits for both sides

This monetization method presented as friendly, what allows it works to enhance revenue. Since audience using specific search machines it won’t be attacked with ads. And even when the search result received that, didn’t see ads. Only when click done, and they purchase an item, you as a referrer will get revenue.


Chrome Monetization in details

A lot of time were spent analyzing different affiliate network, we’ll consider all on example one of it. It called Monetizus, we won’t stop on a full description, only will admit, this company suits us fully, among a lot of others. Since you signed up, just a couple string of code need to be added into existing website to start a revenue flow. Script will handle everything instead of you. If you are taken with an idea to sell your own product this way, all is necessary to join other affiliate network as a publisher, and your product will appear in search result on comparison prices site like ShopZilla or PriceGrabber and others.


Few words who helped Us

One paragrapher is not enough to describe all methods and services provided by Monetizus company. We get in touch with the staff of this company, and they with pleaser gives us the information we were looking for, to write this article. This is a company with history, They are a 3rd year on the market, what in my mind is same to age in a real life. The mates represent themselves as monetization platform, with huge number of monetization solutions.

In result there is a much more different ways to monetize chrome extension. And you will learn about them soon.

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